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Joystick.png Syvalion
*screen outstretching* "SYVALION!"
Developer Taito
Publisher Japan Taito
Composer Yasuhisa Watanabe
System Taito H System, Sharp X68000
Sound Chips YM2610
Release date Japan 1988-10
VGM pack page Arcade
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Syvalion (ja:サイバリオン) is one of few spin offs of the Darius series. It was developed and released by Taito in 1988, only in Japan. A worldwide release was planned, but it was canceled. The game was also ported to the X68k by SPS. It has also mouse support, in order to simulate the trackball controller Available in the Arcade version. The X68k version also has support to MIDI music too. Another port of Syvalion was released for the SNES in 1992, and was released in Japan and Europe. However, the SNES port of Syvalion is known to be one of the worst ports of arcade games ever.