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VGMRips (short for Video Game Music Rips) is a website for VGM rips of systems that are not on SMS Power! or Project 2612. It was created in order to move the non-Sega 8-bit VGM packs on SMS Power! to a dedicated website/forum.

vgmrips website screen on Mozilla Firefox, as 2018-03-19.


Major users

  • Romania Vampirefrog: current VGMRips server hoster, VGMRips forum administrator, VGMRips website maintainer, VGMRips wiki code maintainer, VGM ripper
  • Germany ValleyBell: creator of VGM 1.51 format and onward, creator of future versions of in_vgm, creator of VGMPlay, programmer, VGMRips pack approver, VGMRips forum administrator, homebrew musician
  • United States of America dissident93: high knowledge of video game music composers, VGMRips pack updater
  • Germany Oerg866: former VGMRips server hoster, demoscene and homebrew programmer, homebrew musician
  • Italia Tom (also known as nineko): programmer, VGM ripper, homebrew musician
  • Sweden ctr: programmer, VGM ripper, VGMRips forum moderator, homebrew musician

Normal users

  • Unknown country 2ch-H: bug reporter, VGM ripper, translator
  • United States of America bmos: VGM ripper, translator, programmer, co-host of Pixelated Audio
  • Czech Republic GTheGuardian: bug reporter, VGM ripper
  • Scotland drdevil (also known as HarmoDevil): musician, VGM ripper
  • France Kaminari: VGM ripper, Kaminarimon HES Archive website maintainer
  • Sweden Landale: musician, VGM ripper
  • Australia MaliceX: musician, VGM ripper
  • United States of America MusicFox (also known as Doommaster1994): high knowledge of NES/Famicom sound drivers, composers, music, etc., VGMPF wiki maintainer, VGM ripper
  • United States of America neologix: programmer
  • Canada rainwarrior: programmer, homebrew musician, VGM ripper
  • United States of America RichterEX2: bug reporter, designer, VGM ripper
  • Brazil Sonic of 8!: VGM ripper, bug reporter, vgmrips wiki maintainer
  • Russia tails_: programmer, VGM ripper

In other languages

Language Name Romanization
Japanese ビデオゲームミュージックリッピス Literal translation

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