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Thanks for joining VGMRips! This is a volunteer-based community, and we appreciate any help you are willing to give.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Musicians: We need musicians specialized in creating Homebrew music for games.
  • Programmers: for various programming languages, such as C, C++, Visual Basic, etc., writing converters to and from VGM, and for creating tools, modifying emulators to enable VGM logging, VGM Players for old and modern consoles, for portables and smartphones, for other OSes, etc.; VGM trackers, etc.
  • Listeners: Someone with a good ear, who can detect if loops in the VGM files are correct or not.
  • Gamers of any kind: Gamers can help reach certain levels in games, so we can then rip the music from that level.
  • Rippers: VGM Rippers are people that create VGM packs, from games. To be a VGM Ripper, all that you do, is to have a lot of free time. Not all people can make VGM Packs all the time: Some people here has a work to sustain herself, others are studying hard to became a important people in the world, others are just in vacations, others does not enter anymore, others are wasting time in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; others are accessing the Deep Web, and among other things. So, VGM Rippers are well welcome here.
  • Translators: Translators basically translate things in a language to another (e.g.: English to Japanese). The main focus of the translators here are from translate CJK names of Asian games. Translators can also help people to access the website in the language of that person if that person isn't know English.
  • ROM hackers: ROM hackers are people that can identify content in the ROM with advanced knowledge. ROM hackers here are essential to search sound drivers and hidden messages/unused contents in the ROMs.
  • Editors: contribute to the wiki.
  • Mirroring: you can also help with file hosting and mirroring.

So, don't be a goomba, and join us as quickly as you can!

P.S.: If you are a Spammer, go home and dismiss all things listed here.