Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composer: Sebastian Jacobi
Developer: The CoExistence
Publisher: The CoExistence
Release date: 1997-03-31
01. Main Theme 2:07 + 2:01
Total: 2:07 + 2:01
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2018-07-29 The Golden Horse Initial release.
4 ratings • 68 downloads • 1840 views
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 DOSBox-VGM, modded by NewRisingSun

A demoscene game! This shmup was released at
Mekka & Symposium 1997, entered in the 32kb
game "compo" (competition) in which groups had
to make a game that was 32 kilobytes in size or
less. It placed 4th, but unlike the actual
winner (a thoroughly 1990s Microsoft parody),
it holds up even today as a short but neat
Gradius-alike for its tiny size. Plus, the
CoExistence managed to squeeze in a two-minute
song (trimmed six seconds later here to avoid
bugs), a snazzy OPL2 loop so efficiently coded
that vgm_cmp does absolutely nothing to it.


If you have DOSBox, you can download the game

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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