Fury of the Furries

Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composer: Frédéric Motte
Developer: Kalisto Entertainment
Publisher: Kalisto Entertainment
Release date: 1993
01. Intro Scene 0:47 + 0:31
02. Title Screen 1:39 + 1:39
03. Desert (Fun) 2:06 + 1:46
04. Desert (Classic) / Village (Fun) 2:22 + 2:09
05. Lagoon (Fun) 3:21 + 3:05
06. Lagoon (Classic) 3:06 + 2:34
07. Forest (Classic) / Castle (Fun) 1:33 + 1:33
08. Forest (Fun) 2:19 + 1:48
09. Pyramid (Classic) 2:35 + 2:19
10. Pyramid (Fun) 2:30 + 2:30
11. Mountain (Fun) 2:43 + 2:34
12. Mountain (Classic) 2:42 + 1:56
13. Factory (Fun) 2:25 + 1:59
14. Factory (Classic) 2:35 + 1:48
15. Village (Classic) 2:50 + 2:50
16. Castle (Classic) 3:02 + 2:15
17. Machine (Classic / Fun) 2:31 + 2:18
18. Ending (Classic / Fun) 0:47 + 0:47
Total: 41:43 + 36:14
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2011-08-18 Valley Bell Initial release.
7 ratings • 1085 downloads • 6991 views
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FotF a nice platform/puzzle game and I really
like Moby's music style.
(I consider it as typical 90s tracker music.)

In 1994 this game was rereleased by Namco as
Pac-In-Time, with graphics changed to Pac-Man.

This pack was made using DOSBox 0.74.

Because the game seems to reset the song tempo
incorrectly, I restarted the game for each song
to prevent songs from playing too fast or slow.

All in all there are 4 playlists.
"All" has all tunes in approximate order of the
game. This is also the order of the song list
"Amiga" plays the songs in the order used in
the Amiga-version of the game.
"Classic" is the order for classic music mode
and "Fun" for fun music mode.

I don't know what they thought when they titled
the music modes "Classic" and "Fun", because
the "Fun" mode isn't always that happy (e.g.
forest) and sometimes closer to the Amiga music
than the "Classic" mode.
Also the game lists "Classic" first, but uses
the files with a 2 instead.

Some songs are used in serval places. In these
cases the game folder contains multiple copies
of the same file with different file names.

The Japanese GD3 tags contain the original
level names in French.

This is the longest rip I've ever done. It took
me about 3 hours to make the complete game rip.
(I recorded between 5 and 8 minutes of every
song.) And it didn't help either that the stupid
options screen goes back to the title screen
after 2 minutes - even if keys are pressed.

But those long loops are neccessary for the
game, as you'll hear the same music nonstop for
up to 1 hour.

The rip differs a little from what is heard
ingame. The difference is, that ingame the
snare almost disappears because of some bug
that sets its volume too low. (to 0x20 instead
of 0x00) That happens everytime the snare's
volume is reset after a non-100% hit.
I fixed it to be correct compared to the Amiga
mod files and it sounds a lot better this way.

Valley Bell

Source: VGMRips

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