Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Genesis
Composer: Andy Brock
Developer: Probe
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1996
01. Title Screen 0:35
02. CAMEOS 0:33 + 0:33
03. DUCKRABB 3:52 + 3:52
04. LEVCOMP 0:04
05. ARENABUG 1:11 + 1:05
06. BULLYBUG 4:50 + 4:50
07. KNIGHTY 2:17 + 2:17
08. ARABIAN 4:07 + 4:06
09. BUGHAUNT 4:11 + 4:11
10. BUGSPACE 5:04 + 5:04
11. GAMECOMP 2:03
12. INVULNER 0:18 + 0:18
13. BONUSLEV 1:05 + 0:54
14. MRVANGRY 0:13
15. BUGSCONT 0:23 + 0:11
16. LEVFAIL 0:06
Total: 30:43 + 27:15
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2021-12-30 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
4 ratings • 232 downloads • 1214 views
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Second VGM set! Unlike Marsupilami, I can
easily see why this wasn't already made: the
dumb game goes into demo mode after a set
amount of time even in the Options screen,
unless you keep the cursor moving, and thus
inject sound effects. Plus it was a jerk of a
game unless you were willing to practice your
butt off, so I doubt it - and by extension, the
music - got much notice.

My workaround was simple: I loaded the VGMs
I could only get in full from the sound test in
VGMTool and simply stripped the PSG data!
Fortunately for me, the sound effect produced
by cursor movement was one of the few in the
game on that chip. Ehehe, and for a while, I
thought I was going to have to screw around
with Assembly or summat. If the only one (it
seems) that did use the PSG for part of itself
sounds just different enough to your ear,
though, I could see what I can do about hacking.
No, I won't tell you which track so you can
listen for it. Silly rabbit.

The titles come from the sound test. As much as
I'd like to rename those to the levels, I must
consider those official - and besides, what
would I do for multiple tracks used within the
same level (BULLYBUG and ARENABUG, for
example) or ones used for more than one

Since for the first four levels, each pair can
be played in either order, I listed them in the
order I always play them. I would have put
INVULNER before DUCKRABB, seeing as there's an
unavoidable Invulnerability Potion at the very
beginning of that stage, but that seemed to be
overstretching my boundaries.

Interesting to note is that all the looped
songs loop at the beginning, with the sole
(not counting ones I was just careful with).
Because of this, they are deceptively long. This
is why you always rip soundtracks you enjoy, in
case the songs end up being twice as long as
you're likely to hear during normal gameplay:
I'd be pulling my hair out halfway through if I
found this game's music anything less than
pleasing to the ear!

Lesse: BUGHAUNT is the most funky fresh (only
one I jammed to as I made the set, at that), but
I think KNIGHTY has always been my favorite.

I still have no idea why the game is called
"Double Trouble"...


Source: VGMRips

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