Bunretsu Shugo Shin Twinkle Star

Sound chip: YM2608
System: PC-9801
Composer: Hiroaki Sano
Developer: Studio Twinkle
Publisher: Studio Twinkle
Release date: 1993
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2016-09-26 bmos Initial release.
1.01 2017-01-23 Valley Bell Fixed SSG volume.
1.02 2017-03-24 bmos Fixed romanization.
Size reductions
vgm_cmp5.4 MB1.4 MB25.9%
6 ratings • 111 downloads • 3586 views
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This is a s98 > vgm conversion from an existing
s98 log. Everything seems good compared to my
direct vgmlog and saved me some time in the

Track names were taken from music mode in-game
and translated to appropriate English titles.
(at least the gist of it)

-bmos (pixelatedaudio.com)

Size reduction (vgm_cmp):
    5.4 MB -> 1.4 MB (74.07 %)


Source: VGMRips

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