Sound chip: YM2151
System: Arcade Machine
Composer: Yukihiko Kitahara
Developers: TAD Corporation Red Corporation (Unl)
Publishers: Taito / Alpha Trading (J) Fabtek (U) Capcom / Electrocoin (E) Red Corporation (Unl)
Release date: 1988-07-25 (J) / 1988-09 (E) / 1988-10 (U)
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-08-22 RN22 Initial release.
1.01 2022-08-23 RN22 Shorted loop on tracks 09 to save space when it's time to release onto the site officials.
1.05 2022-09-02 RN22 added composer name in taggings. Thanks MusicFox for figuring out.
1.30 2022-11-09 RN22 Added missing 1 track. Re-size reducted.
Size reductions
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1988 game made by the former employees of
Data East. This game uses trackball to move
aim. But later versions would use joysticks
for that. Track 09 has the longest trim of
this vgm packs, cuz random notes changing
notes on the same part, and it's repeated.

I think TAD Corporation was founded by the
former employees of Data East, based on my
research. But unfortunately, I can't find
the composer of this game. On what I've
search, David Wise was the composer of this
game, but on the NES version, which is not
confirmed that he did it on the arcade
version. Next up is the TCRF research, where
i've just found on Developer Credits.
Michiya Hirasawa programmed the sound engine
of this game. Or I think he's a composer of
this game based on GDRI. But nobody knows.

RIP Hirasawa-san.

There are 2 tracks that are missing in this
game, are Credit SFX and title screen, where
the skeleton head laughs. Both of them uses
OKI MSM5205, which is not supported on VGM
format until now.

Track names are based on Arcade music
scoring order or YouTube gameplay. Also
on the NES soundtrack too by the channel
name of "GBelair", or "gbelair3".

Ver 1.01 update:
I've just shorted the trim on Track 09,
because in-game is suppose to play transposed
notes, and lower the pitch every part of that
song. And also, to save space while releasing
onto the site officials, just like Battle

Ver 1.05 update:
MusicFox figured it out. That Yukihiko
Kitahara did composed the game, while
Michiya Hirasawa provided the sound
driver of this game. Thanks MusicFox
for finding the composer of this. I
thought, there's no composer of this,
but I didn't researched enough to find

Ver 1.30 update:
I forgot the last unused music, which I've
discovered thru hoot.

Generated by MAME 0.244 VGM mod

Generated by MAME 0.248 VGM mod
(mame0248-3-gfa824ec3b1b) for track 18.

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1. vgm_cmp: 1.40 MB -> 360 KB (25.1 %)
Total: 1.40 MB -> 360 KB (25.1 %)

External links:
The Cutting Room Floor:
Arcade Museum:
Commodore User. (European release):
GDRI (sound programmer):
vgmpf (sound programmer):
VGMdb (composer):
vgmpf (composer):


Source: VGMRips

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