Chicken Run

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
System: Game Boy Color
Composers: Allister Brimble John Powell Harry Gregson-Williams
Developer: Blitz Games
Publisher: THQ
Release date: 2000-11-24
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-08-28 The789Guy Initial release.
1.05 2023-04-04 The789Guy Relogged track 6.
3 ratings • 190 downloads • 1241 views
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A loose adaptation of the 2000
Aardman/DreamWorks film of the same name,
the Chicken Run GBC game, like its console
counterparts, features the score of the film
adapted to suit the GBC's audio chip.

In the words of Allister Brimble himself,
from his upload of the soundtrack:

"The skills everyone else had forgotten
I still had from the work I had done for
Codemasters on the C64 & Spectrum. The skillset
was very similar.. 4 channels of bleeps and
have to make it sound good! For this I needed
some incredibly good sound code and I asked my
friend & big C64 fan Michael Delaney to create
it for me. For Chicken Run I pretty much pushed
the system to the max even creating a whistle
sound and real time pulse width modulation
(which hadn't really been done before on the


Source: VGMRips

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