Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks!

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
System: Game Boy Color
Composers: Allister Brimble Will Davis
Developer: Warthog
Publishers: NewKidCo (U) Ubisoft (E)
Release date: 2000-12 (U) / 2000-12-08 (E)
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-03-18 The789Guy Initial release.
1.50 2022-09-13 Lu9 Reripped some tracks.
Size reductions
vgm_cmp4.66 MB2.08 MB44.6%
1 ratings • 189 downloads • 1067 views
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Yep, another Allister Brimble set
that uses Michael Delaney's
GBC audio driver.

First things first,
"Pie Throwing" and "The Attic"
were the worst ones to trim.
The former because of
how the wave channel is handled,
while the latter has a set
loop point that vgmlpfind
couldn't find half of the time.
Fixed -Lu9

Beyond those two, this set was a breeze
of all, because vgmlpfind worked
well in this pack.
Gotta say, trimming this one
was easier than
Chicken Run.

One weird thing that
occured when logging
"Picture Puzzle ~ Boss Theme 2"
was the odd behavior of the
wave channel when the song
plays, but not when
it loops.
That also happened when
I logged the song.

I'm not sure if the
final four tracks are used
in-game, so they're
considered unknown for now.
Let me know if you can identify
the usage of those.

One last note:
Brimble is credited under
"AudioArts", a group
comprising of Brimble,
Delaney, and Will Davis.
Though his portfolio
doesn't list the game
(it *does* the unreleased
"Tom vs Jerry - The Chase
is On!" however),
it's clearly evident
that Brimble was the composer,
especially with the familiar
whistling sample in "The Lounge"
and "The Garden",
as well as the C64 pulse wave
that can be heard throughout
this soundtrack.

Size reduction (vgm_cmp):
 4.66 MB -> 2.08 MB (44.6 %)

Re-rip + Fixed Loops:
The Lounge, The Attic and Pie Throwing.
Removed unnecessary glitch tracks
(probably a mistake on the original GBS)
and renamed the unused tracks.
Added new metadata to a couple songs 
thanks to recent findings regarding
Audio Arts / Console Audio, group
name used by Allister Brimble and co.
and added Will Davis as composer
in a couple tracks. You will find
a couple of songs from this game in 
Davis' "Game(boy) Days" and
"Game(boy) Nights" albums on 
YouTube Music and likely other 
music streaming services. -Lu9

The789Guy Lu9

Source: VGMRips

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