Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy! Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle

Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composer: Robert Prince
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Apogee Software
Release date: 1991-12-15
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-08-24 The Golden Horse Initial release.
1.50 2014-08-25 The Golden Horse Added the lyrics to "You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!!" in this text file and in the track's Notes.
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Episode IV of the "Commander Keen" hexalogy and
the first episode of "Goodbye, Galaxy!" is the
first to have music, and it gets a suitably
whimsical soundtrack courtesy of Bobby Prince
in his earliest game work besides "Catacomb
3-D." The one track in "Catacomb 3-D," "Too Hot
to Handle," also appears in this game, where
it's used in eight different stages! The second
listed track here, "You've Got to Eat Your
Vegetables!!", has since become the official
theme of the Dopefish, the most famous enemy
from this game thanks to becoming an industry
in-joke through many cameos in unrelated games.

This pack and the rest of the packs for the
second half of the "Commander Keen" hexalogy
were created at the request of RichterEX2. I
did so by using imf2vgm to convert the IMF
files to VGMs, and then hex-editing the first
command of each VGM to change it to a "Waveform
Enable" command (which the driver performs when
starting up but is not done by imf2vgm). The
loops may sound a bit weird, but that really is
how they loop in the game.

The tracks are named and arranged in this pack
according to the game's track list at the
Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The
names for the first six tracks are confirmed to
be the official names by Bobby Prince himself,
according to that site. It also includes two
unused tracks, "Bullfrog" and "Dopey," which
were included in an archive supplied by
co-programmer John Romero. The tracks have been
set to loop, as they were probably meant to.

Finally, the aforementioned "You've Got to Eat
Your Vegetables!!" has lyrics associated with
it, written by Bobby Prince himself. They are
available at the VGMPF (
You%27ve_Got_to_Eat_Your_Vegetables!!) and read
as follows:

[Billy's mother says in that muted trumpet
style of her's:]
You've got to eat your vegetables!
Can you hear me?
You've got to eat your vegetables!
Tell him father.

[Then Billy's dad, in his muted bass trumpet
voice says:]
You've got to eat your vegetables.

[But, worst of all, then comes this tiny,
high-pitched muted trumpet voice of the little
You've got to eat your vegetables!
Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyaaaah nyaaah!

If you're wondering what all this vegetable
business is about, the tune was originally
written for "Keen Dreams," published by
Softdisk instead of Apogee Software. It was
about the series' hero, Billy Blaze, having a
nightmare about boy-eating vegetables after
being sent to bed for not eating his
vegetables. However, Softdisk wanted the
whole game to fit on one 360kb floppy disk,
and so the music was cut.

In any case, enjoy!

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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