Donald in Maui Mallard

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Mega Drive
Composer: Michael Giacchino
Developer: Disney Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1995
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2021-12-30 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
1 ratings • 8963 downloads • 85 views
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A little-known game, seemingly - probably due
to the fact it only got a release in Europe (as
opposed to the SNES version, which was released
in Europe and Japan, and Gameboy/PC versions
which were released only in the US.) A shame -
the graphics and music in thise one are superb
and, of course, Giacchino would be famous for
the score for the first several Medal of Honor
games. The game did, however, see light of day
on Sega Channel in the US.

Not a bad platformer, at all. Like many of its
contemporaries during this era, despite being
a Disney game, it was by no means easy.

Getting some of these to loop good was a huge
pain in the ass. Not that timing them was hard,
the sound engine is just finicky as hell and
will pop if you don't treat it like it's god.
It's still in some of the tracks, but I can't
really be assed to go through this all again
and chances are you won't notice anyway. :p


Dark Pulse

Source: Project2612

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