Fight Fever (J) / Wang Jung Wang (K)

Sound chip: YM2610
System: Neo Geo
Composer: Gim Jae-Yeong
Developer: Viccom
Publisher: Viccom
Release date: 1994-06-28
01. Neo-Geo Opening Theme 0:08
02. Attract Mode 0:29
03. How to Play 0:08 + 0:08
04. Character Select 0:09 + 0:09
05. VS 0:07
06. Korea (Han Baedal) 1:30 + 0:54
07. Stage End 0:17 + 0:16
08. Japan (Miyuki) 0:59 + 0:44
09. Germany (Rophen Heimer) 1:28 + 1:28
10. Brazil (Golrio) 0:56 + 0:56
11. Bonus Stage 0:10 + 0:08
12. China (Chintao) 0:56 + 0:48
13. Mexico (Kim Hoon) 0:49 + 0:46
14. USA (Nick Commando) 1:21 + 0:58
15. USA (Magic Dunker) 1:00 + 1:00
16. Korea (Master Taekuk) 1:24 + 1:24
17. Congratulation 0:03
18. Boss Interim Demo 0:08 + 0:08
19. Japan (Karate Kenji) 1:13 + 1:04
20. Name Entry 0:08 + 0:08
21. Credits 1:52 + 1:52
22. Continue 0:05 + 0:05
23. Game Over 0:03
24. Unused (version 1) 0:29
25. Unused (version 2) 0:29
Total: 16:13 + 12:49
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-08-24 The Golden Horse Initial release.
4 ratings • 968 downloads • 5298 views
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"Fight Fever" is the oldest Neo Geo game made
in Korea, where it's known as "Wang Jung Wang"
("King of Kings"). Unfortunately, it's not the
most well-developed fighting game in the world.
The programming is sloppy and the artwork is
amateurish at best. But it's not the worst game
on the Neo Geo by a longshot. That would be
"Legend of Success Joe". (I think the most
hardcore Neo Geo enthusiasts just shuddered in

If there's one thing this game does have,
though, it's a decent soundtrack. SNK
reportedly took in nine Korean developers and
trained them in using the Neo-Geo for a year,
and from the sound of things, they let the team
borrow some of their instrument samples. Gim
Jae-Yeong uses these samples in an okay
fashion, and it's all decent listening. Don't
expect "The King of Fighters" quality, though.

Trimming this pack was pretty easy overall...
except for one track. That would be Han
Baedal's theme, which, for some reason, had no
loop points vgmlpfnd could find. I had trouble
with this until I hit upon the solution of
using vgm2mid and vgm2txt to find it. I
eventually found a safe one, and now you know
why this was my thirteenth submission.

As you might have expected, there is no
official soundtrack album for this game, so I
tagged every track according to the places
they're used in. The game's clearly trying to
be a "Street Fighter II" clone, so I based
this pack's track naming on that of "Street
Fighter II's" OSTs. Also, VGM does not let
you tag tracks in Korean or any language other
than English or Japanese, so as a compromise,
the Japanese tags include the Korean names of
the game and its composer in parentheses.
(They also include how the composer's name
could be transliterated to Japanese.)


The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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