Fighter & Attacker (U) / F/A (J)

Sound chip: C219
System: Namco NA-1
Composers: Shinji Hosoe Takayuki Aihara
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Release date: 1992-10
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2015-09-06 ctr Initial release
1.01 2015-09-14 ctr Byte-swapped samples
11 ratings • 1206 downloads • 8261 views
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OST: Shinji Hosoe Works Vol.4 ~F/A~ (SRIN-1122)

This is the first C219 pack. For those not in
the know, the C219 contains a mostly C140
compatible chip, the differences being a higher
sampling rate, reduced amount of voices and
samples being fetched from RAM rather than ROM.
The last part is what has prevented C219 packs
for such a long time, as the MAME VGM mod never
supported writes to the C219 RAM.

This game game was fairly easy to log since it
does not switch samples during songs or even
between them. So all that was needed is to take
a memory dump and apply it as a datablock to
the VGM logs.

Requires VGMPlay/in_vgm 0.40.6 or higher, as
older versions have a bug that prevents C219
banking from working properly.


Source: VGMRips

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