Fortified Zone (UE) / Ikari no Yousai (J)

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
System: Game Boy
Composer: Tsukasa Tawada
Developer: K.K. DCE
Publisher: Jaleco
Release date: 1991-02-26 (J) / 1991-09 (U)
01. Title, Stage 1 0:46 + 0:43
02. Boss Theme 0:41 + 0:33
03. Stage Clear 0:04
04. Stage 2 0:36 + 0:36
05. Stage 3 0:44 + 0:43
06. Stage 4 0:29 + 0:29
07. Credits 1:26 + 0:43
08. Game Over 0:04
Total: 4:47 + 3:45
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2012-12-30 The Green Herring Initial release.
5 ratings • 227 downloads • 1468 views
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Generated using MESS 0.144 (modified by
Valley Bell), with assistance from the game's
"Sound Boy" mode.

This game may not be a popular one, but I owned
and played this game as a child. Ah, the
memories... The music's not too bad, too. The
Main Theme is especially memorable; you don't
usually get a nice military march in a Game Boy
game, but Tsukasa Tawada pulled it off here.

Speaking of whom, he's credited as "HONEY
TAWADA" in the game, but research using Google
search reveals his real name. Mr. Tawada has
since gone on to score a few spinoff Pokémon
games, including Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon
XD: Gale of Darkness, and most recently Pokémon
Battle Revolution. He's sure made it big,
hasn't he?

(Special thanks to Game Music Composer Memo for
identifying the composer, specifically at!)

The Green Herring

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