George Foreman's KO Boxing

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Genesis
Composer: Marshall Parker
Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: Flying Edge
Release date: 1993
01. Title Screen 1:35 + 1:35
02. Boxer Profile 2:45 + 2:43
03. Game Over 0:11
04. Congratulations 0:44 + 0:44
Total: 5:13 + 5:00
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2021-12-30 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
2 ratings • 2470 downloads • 88 views
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I have a strong suspicion there's an unused
song in this game. I say this because the GB,
NES and SNES versions have a song that plays
when you win that goes with a little cutscene,
but it's not in the Genesis version. I don't
know how to hack the game's music engine to see
either. Oh well, for now this is the complete

Also, Marshall Parker composed all the music
and Trevor Nuridin programmed the sound engine.
I'm not sure what Andrew Bailey's involvement
with the game was, maybe sound effects. It can
also be that he's wrongly credited like Domenic
Morabito in True Lies, as Andrew programmed
Beam's SNES sound engine.


Source: Project2612

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