Sound chip: YM2610
System: Neo Geo
Composers: Kenji Sugai Atsuko Iwanaga
Developers: Face Minato Giken
Publishers: Face SNK
Release date: 1994-05-25
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-06-22 RN22 Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro20.4 MB2.65 MB13.0%
vgm_cmp2.65 MB1.68 MB63.4%
8 ratings • 180 downloads • 752 views
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It's been a long time since I abandoned to
rip this game. Finally, I was able to find
some track names on what events does the
music plays.

1994 matching game developed by Face, might
as well add Minato Giken for the additional
work for this game. And published by SNK,
and Face themselves. This would later
re-released on the Arcade Archives in 2018.

The reason why I ripped this game, because
I didn't ripped any Face games yet. And
i'm feeling strangely weird about the word
"Face". I mean, when I played Nostradamus
on MAME, that's when I basically weird about
the company's name.

Enough of this weird company name. Basically,
the mechanics of this game is like a color
matching game, where you match 3 colors at
the same thing, but with a twist. When
matching the same colors at the same time,
you've also rotate the puzzle itself in order
to find possible match instead of rotating
the piece itself.

I almost noticed that the music on this game
when played via hoot emulator, it is very
fast, compared to MAME, and the actual PCB
gameplay (can be seen on the external links
section) is slightly slow, in terms of music

And sorry about that long delay at the end
of that Neo Geo Logo track. It is what that
jingle sounds like since its' final release
of the game.

Also, the SSGs on the YM2610 are very, very
loud, tbh. Hmm, the company seems to love
composing musics with a loud SSGs on it, huh?
And some of the musics have their notes stuck
when stopped. Maybe because of the sound

Track names are based in-game. Since there's
no CD, or soundtrack release in this game.

Also, there's two extra BGMs when selecting
1P mode. The rest is basically just CPU
stages that the extra 2 BGMs are not available
to play in that mode, only 1P mode. I can't
determine whether track 18 plays on what
events does the game plays. So, i'll just
leave it unknown for now.

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Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 20.4 MB -> 2.65 MB (13.0 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 2.65 MB -> 1.68 MB (63.4 %)
Total: 20.4 MB -> 1.68 MB (8.23 %)

External links:
SNK Fandom:
Real PCB music speed by lukemorse1:


Source: VGMRips

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