Impact MuSiX Disk #4

Sound chip: Y8950
System: MSX2
Composers: BDD Software Ltd. Metalslave Powerrun Audio Productions Snakebyte Wingman
Developer: Impact
Publisher: Impact
Release date: 1992
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2020-11-07 Valley Bell Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro2.1 MB1.96 MB93.3%
vgm_cmp1.96 MB1.1 MB56.1%
7 ratings • 261 downloads • 2019 views
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Recorded using openMSX 0.14.0, using a virtual
Philips NMS 8245.

The tradition of bug-ridden music disks that
began with disk 3 continues.
If you try to play the song "Mr. Bonesy Bites
The Dust", it won't play.
Why? Because they screwed up the file list.
It tries to play "THE DUST.MUS" (with a space)
instead of "THEDUST.MUS". After patching the
disk image, it played just fine.

IIRC the player also wasn't totally stable and
suffered from memory corruption when playing
many songs in succession.

Anyway, there are some really great tunes in
here. Like Powerrun, Impact 205 and Etheridge.

Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 2.10 MB -> 1.96 MB (93.5 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 1.96 MB -> 1.10 MB (55.9 %)
Total: 2.10 MB -> 1.10 MB (52.3 %)

Valley Bell

Source: VGMRips

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