James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing (W) / Final Blow (J)

Sound chip: YM2612
System: Mega Drive
Composer: Unknown
Developer: Whiteboard
Publishers: Taito (J) Sega (W)
Release date: 1990-03-23 (J) / 1990 (W)
01. Title Demo 0:06
02. Champion 0:06
03. Victory 0:09
04. Last 0:09 + 0:07
05. Select 0:07 + 0:07
06. Defeat 0:05
07. Opening 0:06
08. Pause 0:07 + 0:07
Total: 0:52 + 0:20
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2022-01-03 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
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This was originally a port of Taito's arcade
game "Final Blow" in Japan. It was turned into
"James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing" for
overseas markets.

On February 10, 1990, James "Buster" Douglas
became the first to knock out the undefeated
Mike Tyson. Sega decided to cash in with a deal
to put his name on video games. An all-new
boxing game featuring Douglas, developed by
Sanritsu, was also released for the Master
System in the US (released as "Heavyweight
Champ" in non-US markets).


Source: VGMRips

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