Lode Runner IV - Teikoku Karano Dasshutsu

Sound chip: AY-3-8910×2
System: M62
Composer: Unknown
Developer: Brøderbund (original)
Publisher: Irem
Release date: 1986
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2012-01-25 Sonic of 8! Initial release.
1.10 2012-02-07 Valley Bell Stripped unused AY-chip.
4 ratings • 401 downloads • 1678 views
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I don't know what the hell Brøderbund created 
the Bungeling Empire, used in three games only,
and who knows your origin...

All songs that use only one chip, use the
second one.
Some of the songs use both AY-chips, but still
use only three channels.
-Valley Bell

Sonic of 8!

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