Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition

Sound chip: YM2612
Systems: Mega Drive Genesis
Composers: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Unknown Haruo Ohashii
Release date:
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2011-07-30 Valley Bell Initial release.
1.01 2021-12-30 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
1 ratings • 3066 downloads • 108 views
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Another Taiwanese pirate.

This game is a port of the SNES fighting game
with the same name.

The pack was done only a few days after the
game was dumped.

It's notable that most music of this game is
more or less ported from the original game.
Some songs are barely recognisable.
See the notes of the respective vgms, I noted
the track name used by the SPC set there.

The pack includes various voices sounds.
Some seem to be badly trimmed (like the Time Up
voice), but they were like this ingame.

The game has no credits and the ending screen
...   it's a joke, a very bad one.

Hacking notes:
I used MESS with watchpoints to find the sound
routines. They are:
Play Music: 0B910C (Sound Prefix: 00)
Play Sound: 0B9124 (Sound Prefix: 80)
Play ???:   0B913C (Sound Prefix: 81)

Then I went to "OPTIONS", set a breakpoint at
0x0B912E and changed an option. It stopped then
in the Play Sound routine after applying the
sound prefix and I could play a song or sound
by setting the D0 register.

Valley Bell

Source: Project2612

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