Nester's Funky Bowling

Sound chip: VSU-VUE
System: Virtual Boy
Composers: Eric Nunamaker Brent Lambert
Developers: Saffire Nintendo R&D3
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: 1996-02-26
02. Title Screen 1:13 + 1:06
03. Music A 1:21 + 1:20
04. Music B 1:11 + 1:09
05. Music C 2:02 + 1:33
06. High Score 0:14
07. Low Score 0:04
08. 2 Players Win 0:25
09. League Leaders 0:45 + 0:25
10. Unknown Song 0:29 + 0:29
11. Unknown Jingle A 0:05
12. Unknown Jingle B 0:05
13. Unknown Jingle C 0:12
Total: 8:06 + 5:59
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2020-04-19 Gnome Initial release.
4 ratings • 127 downloads • 651 views
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This one had been sitting in my to-do
list for a long time now. 2 things
had been holding me on:

1. The lack of sound test. There's
no way of listening songs in this
game without sound effects getting
in the way, unless you do some RAM
hacking. Thanks to the user
vuefinder83 from planetvb, it's
now possible to access a hidden
debug menu, where you can listen to
all the songs and see the credits.

2. vgm_trim destroying the VGMs.
This is one of the games that you
have to trim only with a -state
command, otherwise your song
will come out broken. Valley Bell
did some investigation and told me
it's the way the game's sound driver
works that you must use -state when
trimming the songs.

Oh, and if you know where all the
unused songs play, let me know. I
personally did not encounter them
while playing the game, nor was I
able to find them anywhere watching
a walkthrough.


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