Planet X3

Sound chip: PC-Speaker
Systems: PC/AT PC/XT
Composers: Alex Semenov Noelle Aman Anders Enger Jensen David Murray
Developer: 8-Bit Productions
Publisher: 8-Bit Productions
Release date: 2018-12-25
01. Fight for the Future 4:41 + 4:41
02. Jungle Vibes 4:47 + 4:18
03. Klepackin' Heat 4:35 + 4:30
04. Plan Ahead 3:54 + 3:54
05. New Lands 4:06 + 4:06
06. Into Battle 1:04 + 1:04
07. Apprehension 1:05 + 1:05
08. The X2 Anthem 2:32 + 2:32
09. Valiant Fighters 1:11 + 1:11
10. No More Fighting 0:10 + 0:06
Total: 28:00 + 27:21
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-01-03 denjhang initial release
1.01 2023-06-06 andlabs Fixed company name.
9 ratings • 239 downloads • 1401 views
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Planet X3 is a real-time strategy game for
MS-DOS computers.
This game is proposed by The 8-Bit Guy.
Actually the music is also worth listening to.
So let me analyze the music composition of the
PC-Speaker version.

It is no exaggeration to say that no game has
used PC-Speaker to make decent music so
seriously before this (perhaps The Secret of
Monkey Island is worth mentioning).
Especially "Fight for the Future" and "Into
Battle", which will change your impression of
This set makes heavy use of time-multiplexing
and rapid arpeggios, making it sound like we're
hearing multiple parts rather than a single
track. It is worth mentioning that although
PC-Speaker cannot modulate the volume envelope,
it can use vibrato,
which makes sustained single notes sound more
comfortable (listen to the song

At present, there are 3 versions of Planet X3
that can use VGM record:
OPL2, SN76489, PC-Speaker. But there is
actually a Covox version, because you can use
Covox to emulate the SN76489, and the sound
sounds very different from the SN76489 version,
like the SN76489 with a reduced frequency.
Actually Covox can also emulate OPL2,
but these two formats can only be recorded in
waveform, which doesn't seem to make much

This pack was made using DOSBOX 0.74 VGM Mod.


Source: VGMRips

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