Touki Denshou -Angel Eyes-

Sound chips: YMF262 YMZ280B
System: Arcade
Composers: Hiroaki Takahashi Takuya Hanaoka
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Release date: 1996
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2011-08-07 Valley Bell Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro84.1 MB12.1 MB14.4%
vgm_cmp12.1 MB8.7 MB71.9%
8 ratings • 1151 downloads • 7327 views
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This game is a typical 2D fighting game.

The title translates to Fighting Princess
Legend - Angel Eyes.

The game uses the same arcade board as Deroon
DeroDero and makes great use of the OPL3 and
YMZ chips too.

I never heard such well-sampled electric gui-
tars and organs from a video game that doesn't
stream its music.
What a pity that only 2 games use this board.

This pack was made using M1 0.7.9a1.

Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 84.1 MB -> 12.1 MB (14.4 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 12.1 MB -> 8.7 MB (71.9 %)
Total: 84.1 MB -> 8.7 MB (10.4 %)

Valley Bell

Source: VGMRips

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