Truxton (W) / Tatsujin (J)

Sound chip: YM2612
System: Mega Drive
Composer: Masahiro Yuge
Developer: Toaplan
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1989-12-09 (J) / 1989 (W)
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2022-01-01 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
7 ratings • 279 downloads • 1656 views
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Ripped this one for a friend of mine. Had to do
some ROM hacking on this one -- ended up
removing all the enemies somehow, which made it
pretty simple. :)

This set is very loud -- if you have overdrive
on, it WILL clip horrendously, and possibly
destroy your ears if you wear headphones.

DJ Squarewave

Source: VGMRips

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