Vinyl Goddess from Mars

Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composer: Marc Gravelle
Developer: Six Pound Sledge Studios
Publisher: Union Logic Software Publishing
Release date: 1995
01. Tafa 2:01 + 2:01
02. Intro 1:10 + 1:10
03. Crush 1:49 + 1:49
04. Puzz 6 1:34 + 1:34
05. Prowler 2:20 + 2:20
06. Strike 1:26 + 1:26
07. Fever 1:58 + 1:58
08. Cover Up 1:37 + 1:37
09. Trample 1:38 + 1:38
10. Retro Jill 1:16 + 1:16
11. Mystic 1:22 + 1:22
12. Twilight 2:14 + 2:14
13. Stardust 1:41 + 1:41
14. Osiris 1:57 + 1:57
15. Evil Eye 2:08 + 2:08
16. Horus 1:43 + 1:43
17. Insured 1:32 + 1:32
Total: 29:18 + 29:18
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2018-08-16 The Golden Horse Initial release.
4 ratings • 98 downloads • 2810 views
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 DOSBox-VGM by NewRisingSun

This B-movie action game started development as
a sequel to Epic MegaGames' "Jill of the
Jungle", but was rejected by Epic for quality
reasons. I can see why, as despite having
smoother movement than Jill, Vinyl doesn't
quite improve on the gameplay, which by release
was three years out of date. Plus, the design
of the weapons is such that it's not until
episode 1, level 5 that Vinyl gets one that can
hit _most_ of her foes from anything besides a
considerable distance. I should know this,
because I had to play and complete the game in
order to record this music pack.

Speaking of which, in another indicator of the
game's quality, this game was released in 1995
and yet only had an AdLib FM soundtrack. That's
right, no support for MIDI devices or even PCM
music (as in Epic's "Jazz Jackrabbit" from one
year before)! At least the soundtrack is
decent, even if it's super loud in-game, with
track 01 being one particular highlight.

Technical notes: This game uses the AdLib MUS
format, which requires a separate SND or TIM
file to store the timbres (FM instruments).
Both are stored within the file GODDESS.LBR for
each song; the original filenames in the Notes
box are the filenames when the music is
extracted. While the music is playable in AdLib
Play and other players that support it, and
thus many online recordings of the music were
made with them, they all play the music
slightly slower than the game does. Thus, this
may be the first recording of the soundtrack at
its correct tempo.

(Oh, and the VGMs loop as they do in-game, so
yes, many of the loops really are as jerky as
this pack makes them out to be.)

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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