Warrior of Rome (W) / Caesar no Yabou (J)

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Genesis
Composers: Pirata Kappa Sasa Kii Tacky Pop
Developer: Micronet
Publisher: Micronet
Release date: 1991-02-24 (J) / 1991 (U)
01. Title Screen 1:36 + 1:36
02. Approaching Warships! 1:09 + 1:07
03. Stage 1 1:21 + 1:21
04. Captured the Pirates 0:31 + 0:31
05. On to Alexandria! 0:32 + 0:32
06. Stage 2 1:24 + 1:23
07. Hostage Information 0:31 + 0:30
08. Attack the Egyptians! 0:47 + 0:47
09. Stage 3 1:03 + 0:57
10. At the Gates 0:44 + 0:43
11. Stage 4 2:52 + 1:34
12. Cleopatra 0:59
13. Captured Pirateus 0:50 + 0:50
14. Feast 0:48 + 0:48
15. On to Syria! 3:33
16. Attacking 0:26 + 0:26
17. Defending 0:32 + 0:32
18. Defeated 0:53 + 0:53
19. Game Over 1:43 + 0:52
20. Captured Pirateus (Brassy Edit) 0:50 + 0:50
Total: 22:53 + 16:03
Version Date Author Description
1.02 2022-01-04 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
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This is the 300th soundtrack for Project2612.

Probably the first Strategy game I ever played,
at the age of maybe Eight. Understandably... I
got my ass handed to me. :p I DID, however,
legitimately beat the first stage... something
I'm sure few people actually ever did.

The game's songs are rather "Poppy" at times;
this was present on the actual hardware and is
most likely some sound system limitation, or
some form of very sharp note raises/falls.
Ditto for songs like Stage 3, which sound
hillariously out of key - but that's how it
was on the real deal; so it is here as well.

A good deal of music, for having only four
stages... of course, the game counters this by
making the four stages last, more or less,

A quick search on GMCL for any of the five
aliases used in this game turned up absoultely
NOTHING. If you know for sure who made the
songs (Especially if you can provide per-song
credits!) then please contact me. Ditto if you
know and have an OST of this game, as all these
names are made up by myself.

Fun Fact: Stage 1's song was the first VGM I
ever ripped; as it was the game I was playing
when DJ Squarewave told me of the idea that
would eventually become Project2612 many, many
moons ago. It didn't work right because I was
using VGMTool 1.x, which didn't quite support
the Genesis sound chips properly. :) The one
in the playlist is, of course, a re-ripped one
because I'm much, much better at it now. :p
For the record, the original file was ripped
with Fusion .1d on November 7th, 2004. Date
sound a little familiar? It should. That would
be the day Project2612 would launch... exactly
one year later.

Included is a bonus VGM I got whilst trimming
"Captured Pirateus", which sounds a bit brassy
and I like. It's not in the playlist itself,
as it's technically wrong; however, you can
easily hear it for yourself by playing it. The
difference kicks in after the first loop. The
song is marked "Captured Pirateus (Brassy
Edit)". Just for fun, mind you. :)

Carpe Imperium! Caveat Emptor! Alieno Canis, Caveo Erus!

Dark Pulse

Source: VGMRips

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