Wise Guy (W) / Yam Yam!? (K)

Sound chip: YM2203
System: Arcade Machine
Composer: Unknown
Developers: NMK Dooyong
Publisher: Dooyong
Release date: 1990
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-01-14 RN22 Initial release.
1.01 2023-01-24 RN22 Changed "Track 19" track name from "1" to "Jingle".
Size reductions
vgm_cmp4.95 MB435 KB8.6%
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My sixth Dooyong VGM rip series. Made in
1990 by NMK and Dooyong in Korea.

Since this game was based off on the Famicom
game called "Ochin ni Toshi Puzzle Tonjan!"
(lit. Drop Down Puzzle Tonjan / Tonjan!).
It is not known if NMK and Dooyong have
collaboration on this game, also on "The Last
Day". Rumors said that this game was
originally developed by NMK itself, but the
location test was a flop. So they revamped it
and ported thru arcade by these 2 companies,
and then published by Dooyong.

I was also gonna rip the NES version of this
game, since the music is almost identical to
this port. I really don't know if Kazuhiro
Ayabe was the composer of the original Famicom
game, but I have to deep-search it.

Good thing that this game have only 1 YM2203
soundchip, rather than 2.

Track names are taken from "Mylstar
Electronics". Yes, the one who creates track
names for Dooyong games.

Tracks 01, 05, 06, 10, 11, 12 are originated
from the Famicom game, the rest is composed
by an unknown composer at Dooyong.

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Size reduction:
1. vgm_cmp: 4.95 MB -> 435 KB (8.57 %)
Total: 4.95 MB -> 435 KB (8.57 %)

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