Sound chips: YM2151 OKIM6258
System: X68000
Composers: Masaki Kase Megumi Matsuura Sizlla Okamura
Developer: Sammy
Publisher: Nexus Interact
Release date: 1995-01-25
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-05-11 vampirefrog Initial release.
1.10 2014-05-12 vampirefrog Import vgmdb titles.
1.15 2014-10-27 Valley Bell Optimized VGMs.
1.20 2014-11-02 vampirefrog renamed from View Point to Viewpoint.
Size reductions
opt_oki3.48 MB1000 KB28.1%
vgm_cmp1000 KB999 KB99.9%
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This pack was made using XM6 Pro-68k build
version 140316 (
Songs were ripped from the menu.
I took the release date from mobygames, though
8-bits says October 1995. The file dates on the
floppy are at most 1995-01-16.

This is a port of the arcade game with the same

Internally, the game uses ZmuSiC, so I took the
track titles from the ZMD files on the floppy,
and added them to the VGM comments.
The ZMD files also say "Copyrights 1992 SAMMY /

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Size reduction:
1. opt_oki: 3.48 MB -> 1000 KB (28.0 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 1000 KB -> 999 KB (99.9 %)
Total: 3.48 MB -> 999 KB (28.0 %)


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