X-Men: Madness in Murderworld

Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composer: Derek Schofield
Developer: Paragon Software
Publisher: Paragon Software
Release date: 1989
01. Opening Theme 0:48
02. Game Over 0:29
03. Victory Theme 0:41
Total: 1:56 + 0:00
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2015-02-08 MusicFox Initial release.
4 ratings • 445 downloads • 1962 views
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I named the songs after the .ROL files because
I don't know how to play through the game.

If you hear a long moment of silence after a
song, it is because the instruments are still
decaying into silence.

The music was logged in AdLib Visual Composer.


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