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ROMIcon.png Sega 32x
The Japanese Sega 32x docked into a Japanese Mega Drive console
Manufacturer(s) United States of America Sega of America (hardware making)

Worldwide release Sega

South Korea Samsung

Brazil Tec Toy

Release Date(s) United States of America 1994-11-21

Japan 1994-12-03

Europe 1994-12-04

South Korea 1995-01-18

Brazil ~1995

CPU(s) 2xHitachi SH-2
Sound chip(s) 2xDAC (PWM type, internal)
Music section 32x

Sega 32x Sega 32x is a 32-bit add-on for the Sega Mega Drive, released in 1994. It was released as a warm-up for the Sega Saturn, which was released a few weeks before the MESS System Driver 32x, but a few weeks later in Japan. Some games allow you to use both 32x and Mega-CD add-ons, making a new so-system called Sega Mega-CD 32x.

Launch titles Japan


The 32x have a PWM sound chip, which is just a 2xDAC.

VGM Scene

You can log 32x VGMs in MESS or in GensGS-r7+ modded by ValleyBell, in order to log RF5C164 and PWM sound-chips. In any situation, you must use GensGS with VGM mod, because the 32x emulation on MESS is very bad, and slow. You only use MESS if you want to search the sound engine, in the Z80 area. Some games, mostly from Sega, use SMPS Z80, but 3rd-parties opted to use custom sound engines or GEMS.

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