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ROMIcon.png Super Game Boy
The Super Game Boy BIOS without running a game.
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Nintendo
Release Date(s) Japan 1994-06-14

United States of America/Europe 1994

Japan 1998-01-30 (SGB2)

CPU(s) Sharp LR35902
Sound chip(s) GameBoy DMG (internal), Nintendo S-SMP (aka Sony SPC700, external)
Music section Super Game Boy

Japanese Super Game Boy cartridge Super Game Boy (ja:スーパーゲームボーイ) MESS System Driver supergb is a 8-bit portable-on-cartridge by Nintendo. It was released in 1994 almost all the world. The SGB would allow you to play the Game Boy games in your Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom, with "colors". It run most of GB and Game Boy Color games (GBC games that have backwards compatibility with the older GB), not counting the pirate or unlicensed carts/multi-carts. A second model, called Super Game Boy 2 was also released in Japan.

Launch titles Japan


There is no much difference in sound between the original GB/GBC and the SGB, except for their clock rate, which is a bit little higher than the GB one (4,194304 MHz on the GB, 4,295454 MHz in the SGB), in order to the SNES don't be unsynchronized with the GB/SGB game. So, the musics and the sound play with higher pitch compared to the GB. Some GB games have extended features that take advantages of the SNES/SuFami hardware, mostly notable, the sound, which uses the SPC700 in order to play extended sound.

VGM scene

VGM logging from SPC700 songs are not supported.

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