Sega Mega-CD

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Sega Mega-CD
Japanese Mega-CD, model 1, attached to a Japanese Mega Drive, model 1
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Sega

South Korea Samsung

Brazil Tec Toy

Release Date(s) Japan 1991-12-12

United States of America 1992-10-15

Europe 1993


France / Germany / Spain 1993-09

Italia 1993-04

Australia 1993-04-19

South Korea 1993-03

Brazil 199?

CPU(s) Motorola 68000 (internal)
Sound chip(s) Ricoh RF5C164, CD/DA (internal), Yamaha YM2612, SEGAVDP PSG, DAC (external)
Music section Sega Mega-CD

Mega-CD Model 1, with a Mega Drive Model 1 attached on it, plus a Backup RAM Cartridge inserted on the MD's cart slot Sega Mega-CD (ja:メガ�E��E�) known in the USA and Brazil as Sega CD MESS System Driver segacd and in South Korea as CD Aladdin Boy (ko:CD �E�라�E�E�E��E�), is a 16-bit CD add-on for the Sega Mega Drive. It was released in 1991 in Japan, in order to take down the PC Engine add-on, the CD-ROM² System. The MCD did not take down the PCE and Super Famicom's fame in Japan, but it did strong sales against the TurboDuo in US. It was discontinued in 1995 in US and Europe, and in 1996 in Japan.

Launch titles Japan


Internally, the Mega-CD have two ways of playing musics and sounds: the PCM chip and the CDDA. The PCM sound chip is a RF5C164, made by Ricoh, and it have 8 PCM channels. Some PCM samples play with music generated by the MD's OPN2 + PSG, or alone, like in Sonic CD. The CDDA is just the music that it can be played on any common CD music player.

VGM Scene

You can log RF5C164 data into VGM in two emulators: MESS and Gens/GS r7+.

You cannot log CDDA tracks into VGM.

There are no VGM Players for the Mega-CD.

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