Capcom Power System Changer

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Capcom Power System Changer
CPS Changer with a Street Fighter Zero cartridge inserted
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Capcom
Release Date(s) Japan 1994

United States of America / Europe / Brazil 199?

CPU(s) Motorola 68000, Zilog Z80, DSP16 (CP System Dash based games only).
Sound chip(s) Yamaha YM2151, OKIM6295, QSound
Music section CPS Changer

CPS Fighter, the controller of the CPS Changer The Capcom Power System Changer (or just CPS Changer, ja:CPSチェンジャー) was an attempt of Capcom to creating a video game console. The hardware is based on the CP System and CP System Dash, and can be basically a arcade-at-home conversion of these boards. The CPS Changer was only available to buy through mail order to Capcom. The console was released in order to take SNK's Neo Geo AES fame, but neither the CPS Changer and the AES was capable to gain enough public, compared to the sales of Super Famicom in Japan.

Launch titles Japan


Like their arcade counterpart, the CPS Changer can play musics and SFXs in two sound chips: YM2151 and OKIM6295. Depending of the game, a QSound can be used (e.g.: Tenchi wo Kurau II) for playing musics and sounds.

VGM Scene

You can log CPS Changer music into VGM only in MESS, but all games are exactly the same as their arcade counterparts. The one exception was Street Fighter Zero, who was released on the CP System II, but got a demake for the CPS Changer. Also, the music of this demake was also been ripped into VGM.