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Neo Geo is a brand of hardware made by SNK in the past. The most known product of it are the Neo Geo MVS, which is a Arcade board with multiple slots to put various games in a cartridge format. However, you must choose what thing related to the Neo Geo you want to.

  • SNK Neo Geo, a 16-bit Arcade Machine, as well a 16-bit video game console, under the AES name;
  • SNK Neo Geo CD, the CD version of the Neo Geo AES and is also known to be a sleeping machine, with numerous loadings;
  • SNK Neo Geo CDZ, a revision of the Neo Geo CD with few memory on the CD-drive added;
  • Neo Geo Pocket, a 8-bit hand-held videogame, who was supposed to take down the Game Boy's fame;
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color, an upgrade to the original Neo Geo Pocket, who was supposed to take down the Game Boy Color sales.