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Joystick.png Sagaia
If you feel the Olga Breeze, you probably going fried!
Developer Taito
Publisher Worldwide release Taito / United States of America Romstar
Composer Hisayoshi Ogura
System Arcade Machine
Sound Chips YM2610
Release date Japan 1989-07
VGM pack page Arcade SMS MD
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Not to be confused with the Game Boy game of the same name, this one is a port of the original Darius.

Sagaia, known in Japan as Darius II (ja:ダライアスII) is a shoot em 'up developed by Taito, and released in 1989 almost all the world. Ports of this game was mostly released for Sega systems, including the Sega Mega Drive (developed by Taito itself, but the sound driver goes from Cube), the Sega Master System (released only in Europe, developed by Natsume) and the Sega Saturn (released only in Japan and Europe, developed by I.T.L). But it was also released in the PC Engine CD-ROM² System as Super Darius II, with enhanced soundtrack, but with the same choppy play that it did in Darius Plus/Alpha/Super Darius. Unlike their predecessor, Sagaia runs on a dual monitor cabinet, but the Japanese versions uses the 3 monitor cabinet setup like in Darius. Darius and Darius II was not the only two games released by Taito that uses two monitors for playing games, The Ninja Warriors and Warrior Blade are two another examples.