Duck Hunt

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Not to be confused with Sega's Duck Hunt.

This page is for the NES version of Duck Hunt. For the Vs. version, see Vs. Duck Hunt.

Duck Hunt
The game that have the honor to divide the same cartridge with Super Mario Bros.
Developer Nintendo R&D1
Publisher Worldwide release Nintendo
Composer Hirokazu Tanaka
System Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
Sound Chips NES APU
Release date Japan 1984-04-21

United States of America 1985-10-18

Europe 1987-08-15

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Duck Hunt (ja:ダチE��ハンチE) is a shooting game, developed by Nintendo R&D1 and released by Nintendo, in 1984, at Japan. The game is known to be one of the games that use the NES Zapper (Famicom Gun in Japan), as well with one, of the two pack-in games for the NES (the other is Super Mario Bros.).


  • Duck Hunt wasn't released on another Nintendo systems, but little incarnations of their game modes can be found in the WarioWare series;
  • Although you cannot shoot the pesky dog who laughs at you, it is possible to shoot him in the Arcade version (in Bonus Round however, shooting it means the end of the Bonus Round) and in Barker Bill's Trick Shooting, as well, bashing him in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


  • Producers: Shigeru Miyamoto, Gunpei Yokoi
  • Music composer: Hirokazu Tanaka
  • Supervisor: Takehiro Izushi