Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros.
The "crash" is over.
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Composer Koji Kondo
System Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Vs. System, Family Computer Disk System
Sound Chips NES APU
Release date Japan 1985-10-18
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Super Mario Bros. is a platform game, developed by Nintendo EAD and released by Nintendo in 1985.


Release Date System Developer Publisher
Japan 1986-02-21 Family Computer Disk System Nintendo EAD Japan Nintendo
Japan 1986

United States of America Cancelled

Arcade (Nintendo Vs. System) Nintendo EAD Japan Nintendo
Japan 1986-12 Hudson Japan Hudson
United States of America/Canada 1999-04-30

Europe/Australia 1999-07-01
Japan 2000-03-01 (NP)

Game Boy Color Nintendo R&D2 Worldwide release Nintendo

In other languages

Language Name Romanization
Japanese スーパーマリオブラザーズ Suupaa Mario Burazaazu
Cantonese 瑪莉兄弟 Ma Li Xiongdi (Mario Brothers)
Chinese 超级马里奥兄弟 Chaaoji Mali Ao Xiongdi
Korean 슈퍼 마리오브라더스 Syupeo Maliobeuladeoseu