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Here we have a list of specialized music formats (not mp3 or wav), used to log and store chip-based game music. Some formats are for a single chip (such as AY), others for a whole range of chips (such as VGM).

Music file formats

Logged formats

These are formats which are streamed logs of data being sent to specific registers on the soundchip(s). The rate of this data being logged is either at the speed of the music engine, typically 60Hz or 50Hz, or at a 44.1KHz sample rate and other common PCM sample rates.

Ripped formats

These are formats which are typically ripped from game code to remove everything but the music engine and the music data. They consist of a header and assembly code. The assembly code portion itself can run on its respective hardware.

Driver formats

These are formats which are only music data targeted for a specific music engine. They typically have standalone players for the music data.

Tracker formats

These are formats which are source files for music tracker software.

Instrument file formats