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Gradius is a shoot 'em up game, developed and released by Konami in 1985.


Release Date System Developer Publisher
Japan 1986-04-25

United States of America 1986-12
Europe 1988-11-30

Konami Worldwide release Konami
Japan 1986-07-25

Europe 1986

MSX Konami Japan / Europe Konami
Japan 1986-11-19 NEC PC-8801 Konami Japan Konami
Japan 1986-12-28 Sharp X1 Konami Japan Konami
United States of America 1986-12 Nintendo Vs. System Konami United States of America Konami
Europe 1987-01-01 Amstrad CPC Cyclone Europe Imagine
Japan 1987-03-28 Sharp X68000 SPS Japan Sharp
Japan 1991-11-15 PC Engine Konami Japan Konami
Worldwide release 2020-03-19 United States of America TurboGrafx-16 Mini
  • Japan PC Engine Mini
  • Europe PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini
M2 Worldwide release Konami