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Sharp Corporation, or just Sharp, is a company that designs and manufactures electronic products, such as PCs, printers, mobile phones, TVs, and other Hi-Fi products. However, you must choose what thing related to Sharp you must want to.

  • Sharp MZ-1500, a 8-bit personal computer based on the MZ-700;
  • Sharp MZ-2500, a 8-bit personal computer part of MZ-80B group;
  • Sharp MZ-6500, a 8-bit personal computer, based on MZ-5500;
  • Sharp MZ-800, a 8-bit personal computer;
  • Sharp/Epcom HotBit, a line of Brazilian MSX computers;
  • Famicom Twin, a Famicom with a Famicom Disk System in one unit;
  • Sharp X1, a 8-bit personal computer;
  • Sharp X1 Turbo, an upgrade of the Sharp X1;
  • Sharp X68000, a 16-bit personal computer;
  • Sharp X1 Twin, a Sharp X1 with a PC Engine in one unit;
  • Famicom Titler, a Famicom designed to output cleaner video, using an S-Video input, as well with some tools to subtitling and editing the gameplay's video ;
  • Sharp Nintendo Television, a NES/Famicom embedded onto a television, released only for the press, in order to take high-quality screenshots;
  • Sharp LR35902, the Main CPU of the Game Boy, which is a Z80 variant. Is unknown if Sharp did the PSG for it.