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Joystick.png Imagineer
Founded 1986-01-27
Defunct No
Major Products Western PC games for Japan, turbo controllers, Medabots, Hirameki Mirai Kids
Key People N / A
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Imagineer Co. Ltd (ja:イマジニア) is a Japanese video game publisher. Imagineer was founded in 1986, as a game company. Their first game, was Ginga Denshou: Galaxy Odyssey, an Action-RPG for the Disk System.

Imagineer didn't develop much original franchises from itself. In reality, Imagineer are best known in Japan to bringing Western PC games to Japanese PCs, such as the NEC PC-9801, Sharp X68000, and with a little support, the Fujitsu FM Towns. Franchises such as Populous, Sim City, Lemmings and Doom are published by Imagineer in Japan, but developed with help with other company, such as Infinity and HAL Laboratory. Imagineer also did some support on the Super Famicom, Game Boy, Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Nintendo 64, by porting Western PC games (or at least, publishing) to these consoles.

Imagineer is best known for their Medabots franchise (called Medarot inside Japan), with help of Natsume. The Medabots series is basically, a RPG with robot and all-kind-of-Mecha related theme. Medarot was created in order to take the wave of success generated by Nintendo / Game Freak's Pokémon, and it was the key of success to make Imagineer with a lot of "ca$h". However, the series didn't make an success in the USA, making Medarot only successful in Japan. An Anime was also released.

Also, Imagineer sold a Sega Pico variant called Hirameki Mirai Kids (ja:育脳塾), which was only sold in Japan, for Japanese schools.

Today, Imagineer focuses more in publishing and developing mobile games for both iOS and AndroidOS based systems.


Imagineer developed various alternative controllers for various systems:

  • Imagineer Pad (for Super Famicom);
  • Imagineer Pad LC (for Super Famicom);
  • Imagineer Pad Plus (for Super Famicom);
  • Imagineer Pro Pad (for Super Famicom);
  • Imagineer Arcade Stick (for Super Famicom);
  • Imagineer Digital Pad MD (for Sega Mega Drive);
  • Imagineer Pro Pad MD (for Sega Mega Drive);
  • Imagineer Thunder Pad (for Sony PlayStation);
  • Imagineer Thunder Pad S (for Sony PlayStation);
  • Imagineer SG Tornado Pad (for Sega Saturn);
  • Imagineer SG Tornado Stick (for Sega Saturn)

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