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Nippon Electric Company, or just NEC Corporation, is a company that provide various things related to technology, such as PCs, mobile phones, Palmtops, and the notable TurboGrafx-16. However, you must choose what thing related to NEC you must go:

  • UPD7759, a sample-player chip that is supported in our VGM spec.;
  • NEC PC-6001, a very old personal computer made by NEC;
  • NEC PC-8801, a 8-bit personal computer made by NEC;
  • NEC PC-88VA, an upgrade of PC-88 series;
  • NEC PC-9801, a 16-bit personal computer made by NEC;
  • NEC PC-9821, an upgrade of PC-98 series;
  • NEC PC Engine, a fourth generation console made by NEC and Hudson, in order to take down the Famicom's fame;
  • NEC PC-FX, a fifth generation console made by NEC, which has only released in Japan;
  • NEC Avenue, the gaming-division of NEC;
  • NEC Interchannel, the successor of NEC Avenue, which was renamed soon after the PC Engine success goes down.