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Joystick.png Now Production
Founded 1986-06-17
Defunct No
Major Products Various games without being credited
Key People Masakatsu Maekawa (former Now Production composer & sound driver programmer / creator).
Company page in vgmrips Now Production
Company website Now Production Japan / United States of America

Now Production Co. Ltd (ja:ナウプロダクション), often called as NowPro, is a video game company, founded in 1986, at Osaka, Japan. The company is known to develop various older games (including games for the Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, PC Engine, Mega Drive and Game Gear) without being credited. With future knowledge in comparing various games' staff, as well interviews with NowPro staff, Now Production developed a variety of older games, many of them are games developed in under subcontract with Namco, Capcom, Taito and Hudson. Their first game that NowPro has ever developed, is the Famicom version of Metro-Cross. Now Production is also known to develop ALL Dance Dance Revolution games for the GBC, under subcontract with Konami. NowPro didn't published their own game until Data Navi Pro Yakyuu in 2000.