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Earlier concepts of 3D Pac-Man mazes.
Developer Namco
Publisher Japan Namco

United States of America / Europe Atari Games

Composer Yuriko Keino, Hiroto Tomro, Junko Ozawa
System Namco System 1
Sound Chips YM2151
Release date Japan 1987-10

United States of America / Europe 1987

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Pac-Mania (ja:パックマニア) is a maze game, developed and released by Namco, at 1987, in Japan. Atari Games also released this game some months later into US and PAL amusement centers.


  • Almost all european releases for home consoles / PCs of Pac-Mania is distributed by Grandslam, but the companies that developed these ports was various;
  • The Japanese and Overseas versions features a different version of the Demo 3 music track;
  • Various remixes of the Pac-Man's Park music can be heard in various episodes of Pac-Man and his Ghostly Adventures;
  • An arranged remix of the second and first mazes themes of the game (Pac-Man's Park and Block Town) is available in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The composer of this remix is Yuji Masubuchi, known for his music compositions in the Klonoa, Taiko no Tatsujin and idolM@ster series.