Babel no Tou

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Joystick.png Babel no Tou
It didn't have enough space to display the "no Tou".
Developer Namco
Publisher Japan Namco
Composer Norio Nakagata
System Family Computer, Sharp X68000
Sound Chips NES APU
Release date Japan 1986-07-18
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Babel no Tou (ja:バ�Eルの塁E) is a puzzle game, developed and released by Namco, in 1986. It was only released for the Family Computer. Remakes of this game was also released in the X68k (unofficial port), Game Boy (in Namco Gallery Vol. 3), and on the Sony PlayStation (in Namco Anthology 1, as well with an arranged version of the game). The Famicom version was re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console, again, only in Japan.