Sega Model 1

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The Sega Model 1 is a 32-bit arcade system board manufactured by Sega.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: NEC V60 @ 16 MHz, Fujitsu MB86233 @ 16 MHz, Motorola 68000 @ 10 MHz

Sound Chip: 2xSega/Yamaha 315-5560 (aka MultiPCM) @ 8 MHz, Yamaha YM3438 @ 8 MHz (timer function only)

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1992-10 Virtua Racing (バーチャレーシング) Sega AM2 Worldwide release Sega
Japan 1993 Virtua Formula (バーチャフォーミュラ) Sega AM2 Worldwide release Sega
Japan 1993-12 Virtua Fighter (バーチャファイター) Sega AM2 Worldwide release Sega
Japan 1994-04 Star Wars Arcade (スターウォーズ) LucasArts

Sega AM3

Worldwide release Sega
Japan 1994-06 Wing War (ウイングウォー) Sega AM1 Worldwide release Sega
Japan 1995-05 Dennou Senki Net Merc (電脳戦記ネットマーク) Virtuality Worldwide release Sega


  • Dennou Senki Net Merc runs on a dedicated version of Sega Model 1 called Sega Net Merc. It's the only game that was developed for this system and as the name implies, it was released only in Japan.