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Joystick.png Sunsoft
Founded 1971-04-16
Defunct No
Major Products Hebereke, Sunsoft 5B soundchip, various Batman games, Ikki
Key People Naoki Kodaka (former Sunsoft composer)
Company page in vgmrips Sunsoft
Company website Sunsoft Japan

'Sunsoft (ja:サンソフト), a division of Sun Electronics Corporation (ja:サン電孁E) is a video game company, founded in 1971, at Aichi, Japan.


Sunsoft was born as a entertainment consumer division of Sun Electronics. But befofe that, Sun Electronics began manufacturing various Pachinko machines until 1978, when Sun releases their first Arcade game.

In 1983, Sun signed a contract deal with Atari Games to distribute their games in the USA.

In 1985, now with their new software division, Sunsoft started to develop and release games for the Famicom. Their first two games was Super Arabian and Route-16 Turbo, both games are enhanced ports of Arabian and Route-16.

In 1987, Sunsoft opened their offices in USA. They didn't has distributed any of Sunsoft Japan past titles (Atlantis no Nazo was supposed to be released as Super Pitfall II in USA, but by Activision).

In 1991, Sunsoft released Hebereke, known in Europe as U-four-ia: The Saga. The main character turned Sunsoft's mascot, appearing in every Sunsoft game at the time.

In 1992, Sunsoft released Gimmick!, one of the most hardest Famicom games. Aside from that, the game is known to use a special soundchip, which is based on the YM2149. At the same year, Sunsoft ported Lemmings for the SNES, Mega Drive and for the PC Engine CD.

In 2000, nearly close to 2001, Sunsoft closes their American and European offices, in order to avoid a major bankruptcy.

In 2008, Sunsoft started to develop mobile games for iOS-based devices worldwide. Around the same time, they started to put their NES, SNES, Mega Drive and Neo Geo games onto Wii Virtual Console, and their PlayStation games onto PlayStation 3's GameArchives (known in the USA as PSone Classics).