Snow Brothers 3 - Magical Adventure

Sound chip: OKIM6295
System: Arcade Machine
Composer: Unknown
Developers: Toaplan (original) Syrmex
Publisher: Syrmex
Release date: 2002
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2012-12-21 Tom initial release
2 ratings • 137 downloads • 777 views
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Ripped by Valley Bell with MAME 0.144, and
processed by Tom.

Note by VB: This game uses a custom mapper to
play the music streams on the OKIM6295. I made
a VGM rip with the unmapped ROM and simulated
the memory mapping by copying some bytes
I also had to "fix" MAME to make it log
anything at all, because the emulation code for
this board uses an unusual way to write to the

Valley Bell Tom

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