64th Street: A Detective Story

Sound chips: YM2151 OKIM6295
System: Mega System 1-C
Composer: Kiyoshi Yokoyama
Developer: C.P. Brain
Publisher: Jaleco
Release date: 1992
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-12-08 The Golden Horse Initial release.
1.01 2014-12-30 Valley Bell Removed 2nd OKI chip, fixed volume with VGM v1.70 header.
10 ratings • 858 downloads • 4996 views
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 Arcade Disc In JALECO -VARIETY-
 City Connection  CDGM-10016  Nov 13, 2013

 MAME 0.152 (modded by Valley Bell)

In the 1930s, two private detectives, Rick and
Allen, are hired to track down the villains
responsible for kidnapping a rich man's
daughter. Are they going to rescue her through
investigation and interrogation? Hell no!
They're going to do it by beating the stuffing
out of everyone they meet, because this is a
beat-'em-up, not a mystery game!

Hilariously out-of-place storyline aside, this
is a rather mediocre game. The artwork is awful
(why doesn't anyone in this game have a neck?),
the design nothing special (throwing your foe
into the background aside), and the gameplay
below average due to cheap hits by the bosses
(especially those overall-clad jerks in Stage
3). But the soundtrack's at least decent, if
frequently repetitive, with only the "Boss"
music hard to listen to. At least it was good
enough to interest me in making a pack of it.
That, and the sheer novelty of a 1930s
detective-themed beat-'em-up. Oh, and people
who like using MAME would find this game at or
near the top of the list on MAME ROM sites for
a long while, which likely contributed to how
many people actually know about this game. So
there you go.

There is an odd anecdote about the track
titles, which is that the track titles on the
Arcade Disc In JALECO -VARIETY- disc match the
track titles on the BridgeM1 track list for
this game apart from the unused tracks. The
catch? The album was released in 2013, while
the list was put together in 2004! Did City
Connection like the track names in the list
enough to use them for the album? Or is it
just an odd coincidence? Who knows?

Oh, and here's a note about the sound hardware
in this game. While the game uses two OKIM6295
chips, one of them is used only for the sound


The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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